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The Optional Benefits below are provided only if the customer applies for and is issued Additional Coverage and if Family Coverage is applied for and is issued, the amounts of such coverage will be:

Family Benefit amounts:
  • Spouse Only: 60% of the benefits provided to customer
  • Dependent Child Only: 25% of the benefits provided to customer
  • Spouse and Dependent Child: Spouse: 50% and Dependent Child: 20%
Exposure and Disappearance Benefit

A benefit equal to the amount to be paid for loss of life will be paid in the event that the an injured person dies as a result of unavoidable exposure to the elements following a covered accident or a person covered under the Additional Coverage disappears and is not found within one year after the date of a wrecking, sinking, or disappearance of the conveyance in which such person was riding in the course of a trip that would otherwise be covered under the Policy and after the Spouse or personal representative has exhausted all law enforcement resources during that one year period.

Benefit Increase

The Additional Coverage Amount will be increased at no additional charge to the customer on each Policy Anniversary. The increase will be equal to 5% of the Additional Coverage Amount that was in force on the Certificate Effective Date, but will not increase if such increase would exceed 125% of the Additional Coverage Amount in force on the earlier of Certificate Effective Date for coverage issued by the Company or if the coverage issued by the Company replaces coverage previously issued, the effective date of such previous coverage. In addition, the coverage will not increase if such coverage has terminated and been reinstated or if the original coverage has changed at the request of the customer.

Rehabilitation Benefit

For medical services, supplies, or treatment or hospital confinement that are essential for physical rehabilitation required due to an injury for which a benefit is payable and that meet the generally accepted standards of medical practice; are performed under the care, supervision, or order of a physician; and prepare the injured person to return to his or any other occupation: the lesser of 10% of the Additional Coverage Amount applied for; $5,000; the expense incurred for the rehabilitation program; and 100% of the Additional Coverage Amount issued minus any amount paid as benefits due or related to the injury sustained as a direct result of the accident for which the rehabilitation services were provided.

Seat Belt Benefit:

If a death results from an injury sustained an accident in which the injured person was properly wearing a seat belt while operating, or riding as a passenger in, a private passenger automobile or if a Dependent Child such Dependent Child was properly being restrained in the manner recommended by its manufacturer and as required by state law and approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: the lesser of 10% of the injured person’s Additional Coverage Amount and $3,000.

Spouse Retraining Benefit

If a death benefit is payable, and the decedent’s Spouse is covered on the date of death, and the Spouse obtains occupational or educational training needed for employment from an accredited post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis for the purpose of obtaining or refreshing skills needed for employment, an additional benefit will be paid in an amount equal to the lesser of 1% of the Additional Coverage Amount or $3,000.

Survivor Education Benefit

If a death benefit is payable as a result of the customer’s accidental death, and one or more Dependent Children are covered on the date of death, a benefit will be paid for each such Dependent Child who is, or within 12 months of the date of death begins, attendance as a full-time student in an accredited post-secondary educational school including a college, vocational, or technical school, in the amount of the lesser of 2% of the Additional Coverage Amount in force on the customer at the time of death; $5,000; or the actual amount of the tuition charge for one school year.  The benefit will be payable for up to four consecutive years so long as the Dependent Child continues to qualify as a full-time student.


The customer may designate a beneficiary by completing and signing the form provided by, and returning the signed form to, the Company.  If no valid beneficiary designation is on file with the Company or if the beneficiary is not alive at the time a benefit is payable, the Company may make direct payment to the customer’s spouse, the customer’s child or children, or the customer’s parents; siblings; or estate, in that order.

Certificate of Insurance

The Company will make available to each customer a Certificate of Insurance which will reflect the coverages under the Policy.

Termination of Additional Insurance

 All Additional Coverage will end on the earliest of the following dates:

    •  the date upon which the Policy terminates;
    • the date upon which the 31-day Grace Period expires if no premium payment has been received.

 Termination of coverage will not affect a claim based upon an accident that occurred prior to the termination of coverage date. Additional Coverage for a Spouse and Dependent Children will terminate upon the earlier of the date upon which the Spouse or Dependent Child is no longer eligible for coverage, or the date upon which the customer’s coverage ends.

*All coverage amounts reduce by 50% at age 70 and by 75% at age 75. Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states.